Legend Of the Pineapple

When Columbus waded ashore to the island of Guadalupe in 1493, he was greeted by the Carib Indians who offered him juicy slices of a succulent fruit as a sign of friendship and hospitality.  In the 16th century, the great sailing ships plying the dark blue waters of the Pacific made land fall on tropical islands of great beauty and there too the natives welcomed the weary travelers with this succulent fruit which became known as the pineapple.

These seafarers brought the mysterious fruit home with them from their voyages,. After reacquainting himself with his family and securing his business interests, the captain would place a pineapple at the front door of his house to indicate he had returned from his long voyage at sea and his home was open to visitors. 

Since the days of Columbus and Captain Cook the pineapple has been an accepted sign of Hospitality.  That is why you’ll see the pineapple identifying our hotel.

Over the years the pineapple has become the symbol of giving, welcome and hospitality.  Today the Pineapple Inn carries on this centuries old tradition.  Not with the fruit itself, but with the greeting “Welcome to the Pineapple Inn”

Where hospitality grows…..